Brenderup Group are not new to the market. In fact, we have successfully been renting out trailers for over 40 years in all over Scandinavia. However, the society has changed a lot during these past years. Climate change, digitalization, and maybe first and foremost a pandemic has challenged and changed our behaviors more rapidly than we have ever seen. We therefore decided to turn that challenge to an opportunity and adapt to the change.

When the pandemic hit us in spring 2020, social distancing and avoidance of physical contact became standard. Thus, self-services became more standardized to the shops and warehouses enabling the customer to manage everything from scanning products to payment themselves. We figured to bring this to our market too.

Ok, so that was a good idea, but not enough. Our intention was to not only add value to the customers by offering a transport solution and self-service system, but to add extra value to the shop too. As each trailer is driving around the local area for several times a day, why not use them as marketing platforms? We therefore decided to decorate our trailers according to the shop’s desire in order to connect any of all daily viewers passing by to that specific shop. We call it “Rolling Marketing”.

Mhm, we were getting there. However, a self-service system should be real self-service for both the user and the shop, meaning that the staff should continue with its core activities meanwhile this service is running smoothly. As our core activities is, and has been for over 40 years, renting out trailers, the natural outcome is to let us handle administrative work concerning this service.

Great! But there was still one piece of the puzzle missing. As the shop’s customers would now drive around the local area marketing that particular shop, and function as one very strong communication channel – why not give them an extra value for their functionality? Yes! They should be able to use this service for free.

Now we were up to something! We started to build an application easy enough to enable pure self-service from both perspectives, and a back-office system for safe administrative activities. Together with the shop we decorated the trailers for usage as a rolling marketing channel. Lastly, we decided to enable everybody to use our service for free, but also to offer smart and comfortable add-ons to those who want!

USE4FREE is now a modern self-service transport solution inviting everyone to its community of sharing economy where the user, the shop, and the society wins.